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Star Wars™: Unlimited is almost here! Last month, we took a look at Prerelease Events and Store Showdowns, two of the Casual-tier events that are part of each set. Today, as we count down the days to this game’s highly anticipated release, let’s go over the third Casual event (and the one that you’ll probably be engaging with the most): Weekly Play.


As we first described back in our preview on Casual Play, the bulk of each Organized Play season is filled with Weekly Play. These events are meant to be open-ended and plentiful, and true to their name, they happen every week. Starting from the official release of Star Wars: Unlimited and continuing ad infinitum, Weekly Play is the perfect way to engage with fellow players on a regular basis and share your love for this awesome game.

The exact form that Weekly Play takes varies from store to store and from week to week. Sometimes, Weekly Play might take the form of a short, casual tournament. It could be a draft or sealed tournament, or maybe it will utilize a constructed format, but either way the focus is on having fun and providing a welcome environment for both new and veteran players. Other times, Weekly Play can take the form of a simple gathering, such as an “open play” space set aside for those who want to sit down and play the game, trade cards, build decks, or otherwise engage with the game at their leisure. 


Of course, it wouldn’t be Organized Play without some awesome prizes! The Weekly Play OP kit comes with enough promo packs to support eight players for up to eight weeks. Your store can grab multiple kits to support more players and/or provide prizes for longer periods of time. The promo packs take the form of special three-card boosters, each of which contains two “common” promos and one “rare” promo. The “common” promos can either be Hyperspace variants of starter cards, such as R2-D2 (Spark of Rebellion Weekly Play, 10) and I Am Your Father (Spark of Rebellion Weekly Play, 5), or select cards with a special OP frame, such as Waylay (Spark of Rebellion Weekly Play, 3) and Battlefield Marine (Spark of Rebellion Weekly Play, 1). 

Meanwhile, the “rare” promos in these packs are all alternate-art versions of select cards from the set, such as Greedo (Spark of Rebellion Weekly Play, 18), Yoda (Spark of Rebellion Weekly Play, 16), and Resupply (Spark of Rebellion Weekly Play, 12). Also, about one in three of these “rare” promos will also have special foil treatment, further enhancing their collectability. 

As for how you can earn these promo packs, the process is simple: all you have to do is participate in Weekly Play! When you arrive at your first Weekly Play event at your store, you’ll receive a special “Weekly Play tracker” booklet, which your store’s staff will fill out. Each time you participate in one of the store’s Weekly Play events, a staff member will mark off a box in the tracker, earning you a promo pack. Participation is easy: if your store is hosting a tournament, simply play in that tournament. If they’re hosting a hangout, simply sit down and play a game in store with a friend. Or, if you’re low on time, you can just trade some cards or open a couple boosters; so long as you’re engaging with Star Wars: Unlimited in some way, it qualifies for Weekly Play!


And with that, we’ve talked about all three parts of the Casual tier of Organized Play. Star Wars: Unlimited arrives at last on March 8th, and your store can start hosting Weekly Play events on that same day. Whether you stick to just Casual Play or lean into the Competitive scene, you’ll always be able to enjoy Weekly Play! 

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