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Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce Star Wars™: Unlimited, a brand-new trading card game of endless possibilities!

This is a fast-paced, strategic card game for everyone, whether you are a hardcore Star Wars fan, a longtime player of trading card games (TCGs), or anywhere in between! In this game, you build a deck using cards you acquire from randomized booster packs, and each of those cards has different strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. The game is called “Unlimited” for a reason; with over 200 cards in the first set—Spark of Rebellion—alone, there are countless strategies and combinations just waiting to be discovered. Choose your leader, build your deck, expand your collection, and launch yourself into a galaxy of unlimited potential!


Infinite Ways to Play

The goal of the game is simple: destroy your opponent’s base before they do the same to you. Of course, there are numerous ways you can approach that goal, and the “unlimited” theme of the game means you can craft a deck that matches the exact playstyle you want.

Star Wars Unlimited First Look - Mission Briefing Art Splash.png

We’ll go into more detail about deckbuilding at a later date; for now, all you need to know is that your deck consists of cards that you draw and play, your leader, and your base. 

Each round consists of you and your opponent alternating back and forth, performing a single action each turn. Almost everything you do in the game is an action, such as playing a card, attacking with a unit, activating an ability, etc. Figuring out which action to use at a given time is a huge part of the game’s strategy, and since your opponent can potentially respond to anything you do with their action, each round is dynamic and impossible to predict!

A ground unit (left) and a space unit (right).

Another strategic element to the game relates to your play area, which is divided into two different arenas: a ground arena and a space arena. Each unit can only be played into one or the other, which means every battle in Star Wars: Unlimited takes place on two separate fronts.

Star Wars Unlimited First Look - Luke and Vader Leader Cards.png

Some cards are able to affect units in either arena. For example, many leaders—such as Luke Skywalker (Spark of Rebellion 5) and Darth Vader (Spark of Rebellion 10)—have abilities that can affect any unit, regardless of arena. Leaders are powerful cards that can act as a centerpiece to your deck. A typical leader has both an “undeployed” side (where it starts the game) and a “deployed” side, which is also a unit. We’ll go more into detail about leader deployment at a later date, as well as show off who some of the leaders are, so stay tuned!

This game has something for everyone, whether you focus on constructed play or dive headfirst into draft and sealed events. And speaking of events…

Organized Play

Star Wars: Unlimited is a competitive trading card game (or “TCG”), so naturally there will be extensive opportunities for Organized Play!


We at FFG have taken all of the lessons we learned from our past games—including what worked, what didn’t work, and what we never got the chance to try—and used those as a foundation to construct a new Organized Play structure for this game from the ground up. We’ve been working on OP for Star Wars: Unlimited since the game’s inception, coordinating with the game’s designers every step of the way to make sure that it’s integrated into the game’s DNA as deeply as possible.

We want this game to feel welcoming to all players, so the Organized Play for Star Wars: Unlimited will be split into two sides: Casual Play and Competitive Play.

Casual Play events will include things like prerelease events, weekly play, and Store Showdowns. The focus of Casual events is to have fun and provide opportunities for both newer players to learn the game and veteran players to try out new decks or strategies. Even if you have no interest in the tournament scene, we hope you’ll still stop by your local game store to take part in Casual Play!

That said, if you are interested in the tournament scene, then Competitive Play is for you! The focus of Competitive events is to provide an opportunity for players to test their skills and strategies against one another in a fair and competitive environment. This is where the glory and prestige of Organized Play can be found, with large-scale tournaments and massive prize pools to look forward to. We can’t wait to launch the Competitive scene!

Competitive Play events award tournament points, with the number of points awarded depending on how well you place. These points will be tied to your profile on the Star Wars: Unlimited official website (the full version of which will launch closer to the game’s release). Accumulate enough tournament points, and you can earn yourself an invitation to the Star Wars: Unlimited Galactic Championship! We’ll go into more detail about Competitive Organized Play at a later date, but for now, here’s a sneak peek at what the OP structure for this game will look like:

Star Wars Unlimited First Look Article - OPdiagram.png

Unlimited Potential

Star Wars: Unlimited is FFG’s biggest game to date. This first look is just a small taste of what’s to come, and we have a lot—and we do mean a lot—of information to share about this game in the near future. We’ll be revealing bits and pieces at regular intervals until the game’s release, so be sure to follow Star Wars: Unlimited's social media accounts to stay up-to-date on card reveals, rules, gameplay, and more!

We cannot begin to express how excited we are for Star Wars: Unlimited. Look forward to the first set, Spark of Rebellion, releasing in 2024!

Get a sneak peak of the game with this trailer: LINK

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