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Shadows of Casual Play

The release of Shadows of the Galaxy is right around the corner! As we blast our way toward the launch of Star Wars™: Unlimited’s second set, we want to take a sneak peek at the set’s Prerelease Events and Store Showdowns, as well as the awesome promos you can get from both. Just like with the first set, you can enjoy these events even if you have no interest in the Competitive scene for the game. Read on to see what Prerelease Events and Store Showdowns have to offer in Shadows of the Galaxy!


A Prelude to Casual Play

Prerelease Events in Shadows of the Galaxy function identically to how they did for Spark of Rebellion. Just like the first set, Prerelease Events take place just one week before the set’s official release date. When you show up to your store’s event, you’ll be able to snag a Shadows of the Galaxy Prerelease Box, which contains six booster packs from the set and special promo versions of the Moff Gideon and The Mandalorian leader cards!


As you may notice, these promos take a slightly different form than the ones from the first set’s Prerelease Box. Now, the promos are Hyperspace variants instead of alternate art, perfect for players who want to start their Hyperspace collection for the game’s second set. 

The Shadows of the Galaxy Prerelease Events will also feature a Launch Kit to supplement the events themselves. Just like last time, the kit contains plenty of common bases to help make sure each player has whatever aspect they need for their Prerelease sealed play event, as well as some Judge promo versions of the Hyperspace Moff Gideon and The Mandalorian leader cards. Whether you dove into Star Wars: Unlimited during Spark of Rebellion or are just starting off with the second set, the combination of the Prerelease Box and the Launch Kit means you’ll have everything you need to kick off your Shadows of the Galaxy collection!


A Showdown in the Shadows

Naturally, the Casual Play experience for the second set doesn’t end there. Store Showdown events will once again serve as the “culmination” of Casual Play at a given store, and you can earn yourself some awesome alternate-art promos for participating!



This round of Store Showdowns sees an alternate-art version of the Lady Proxima unit card as the participation promo. Just by sitting down to play at the event, you’ll earn yourself a copy of this rather unique unit. The Store Showdown kit also includes Judge versions of the same promo card for the event staff.

That said, if you recall, Store Showdowns take the form of a Casual-tier Premier tournament, and if you happen to win a few rounds, then you can earn an additional promo for your final placement. For Shadows of the Galaxy’s Store Showdown events, an alternate-art version of the Bounty upgrade Unrefusable Offer is the placement prize. Seize hold of one of these at an event, and then use it during your games to seize control of an opponent’s unit!

Countdown to Casual Play

With Shadows of the Galaxy almost upon us, you’ll be able to jump into a new season of Casual Play before you know it. Look forward to a preview on the second set’s Weekly Play events in the coming weeks!

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