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A Grand Competition

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Connect, collect, and compete. Those are the three words that encompass all of Organized Play for Star Wars™: Unlimited; no matter what kind of player you are, you’ll be doing at least one of those three things. As you can see in the OP structure diagram below, all Organized Play for this game is split between two tiers: Casual Play and Competitive Play.

The Casual Play structure (left) and the Competitive Play structure (right).

Today, it’s finally time for us to take a look at the right side of the OP diagram: Competitive Play. FFG’s Competitive Play events—also referred to as “Competitive-tier” events—are about creating a friendly, competitive, and fair environment where players of all sorts can test their skills against one another for a chance to earn some awesome prizes.

Before we dive into the different types of Competitive events, let’s take a moment to talk about tournament points, which we first mentioned back in our first look article in May. Anytime you play in a qualifying Competitive-tier event, you will earn some tournament points based on your final placement. These points will be tracked via your own personal account on the Star Wars: Unlimited website, a functionality that will become available before the start of the first Organized Play season. Once you earn enough tournament points across any number of Competitive-tier events in a season, you’ll receive an invitation to compete in the Galactic Championship event for that season. The exact number of tournament points you’ll need to earn will be revealed at a later date.


Planetary Qualifiers

The first type of Competitive Play event is the Planetary Qualifier. These are the only store-level events in the Competitive Play circuit. They consist of a single-day event with prizes awarded for both participation and final placement. Players who place high enough will earn tournament points based on their final ranking, with the winner of the event receiving exactly enough points to qualify for the Galactic Championship.

Starting with the game’s second set, Planetary Qualifiers will be held at select retailers around the world. From that set on, each set will have its own batch of Planetary Qualifiers, and the stores selected to host them will rotate with each set. This means that you should have lots of opportunities to attend Planetary Qualifiers throughout the season!


Sector Qualifiers

The next type of Competitive-tier event is the Sector Qualifier. These are standalone events not tied to any other event or convention that can occur all over the world. There are fewer of these events than Planetary Qualifiers, and they operate on a larger scale.

Sector Qualifiers are two-day events hosted alongside an assortment of side events, perfect for nurturing the “connect” part of Organized Play that we mentioned earlier. To go along with those side events, each Sector Qualifier will also have a prize wall full of unique and exciting prizes that you can grab between games.

As for the tournament itself, similar to the Planetary Qualifiers, the Sector Qualifiers will have prizes for both participation and placement. The amount of tournament points awarded will also be enough for each of the top players to qualify for the Galactic Championship, with the exact number of those players differing based on the size of the event.


Regional Qualifiers

The pinnacle of the Qualifier events, we next have the Regional Qualifiers. Very few of these events will happen each season, but the potential rewards for attending one are massive.

Similar to Sector Qualifiers, Regional Qualifiers are two-day events hosted alongside several side events, but at a much larger scale and with much greater prizing. You can also earn yourself more tournament points for high placement in a Regional Qualifier than at any other Qualifier event. The tournament structure of a Regional Qualifier may also have one or two twists that are different from how Sector Qualifiers are run, but we’ll go into more detail about that at a later date.


Galactic Championship

Finally, we have the Galactic Championship. The biggest and best event in the Competitive Play circuit, this event serves as the culmination of an entire season’s worth of Organized Play, and is also the last event of that season. The Galactic Championship tournament is the only event in Star Wars: Unlimited Organized Play that is invitation-exclusive. Each player who earned enough tournament points to qualify throughout that season is welcome and encouraged to compete!

The Galactic Championship is a three-day event. Only the players who do well each day will advance to the next one, but if you earned enough tournament points in the preceding season to be one of the top-scoring players on the leaderboard, then you will bypass the first day entirely and automatically advance to Day 2! We’ll provide more details about the exact ins and outs of the Galactic Championship closer to the actual event, so look forward to hearing more in the future.

Naturally, the biggest and best prizes of the season will be featured at the Galactic Championship. As with the other event types, there will be prizes for both participation and placement. As for tournament points, anyone who makes it to Day 2 and beyond will earn themselves tournament points for the next season of Competitive Organized Play. That means that, by doing well enough in the Galactic Championship, you’ll kickstart your progress toward the next one!

Just like with Sector and Regional Qualifiers, there will also be ample amounts of side events (complete with a prize wall) at the Galactic Championship, for all the players who can’t get enough of Star Wars: Unlimited. And the best part? These side events are open to all attendees, not just those who were invited to the main tournament! One of these side events will be the first Qualifier event for the next season of Organized Play, so even if you don’t compete in the Galactic Championship (or you don’t make it to Day 2), you’ll still have a chance to earn some tournament points for the next circuit.


Unlimited Competition

We still have plenty of information to share about Star Wars: Unlimited Organized Play. Look forward to hearing more from us about the tournament scene in the near future!

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