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Running a Tournament

Nothing lets your players show off their skills more than running a Star Wars: Unlimited tournament! In this section, we provide the necessary steps for setting up a tournament, as well as links to some helpful documents that go into more detail.

Setting Up Your Event on TEC

Step 1: Download TEC

Begin by downloading the Tournament and Event Center (TEC) from either the Apple or Microsoft app stores, depending on your intended device.

Microsoft App Store
Apple App Store

Step 2: Create tournament

After opening TEC, click “Create tournament” to begin setting up your event. Enter your event’s Start Date and End Date, choose “Any” location, then select from the available list of event types and formats. From this point on, your event will always be visible in the Dashboard.

If running a tournament in which a custom configuration is desired, toggle the “Custom Configuration” switch to ON. From there, you can customize tournament properties such as round count, the number of matches per round, and whether or not the event will include a Top Cut elimination bracket that follows the determined number of Swiss rounds.

Step 3: Add players and begin event

Add any number of players to the event. When adding a new player, enter either the player’s unique ID or their email address.

If the player requires a static table placement – in other words, their position in the play space should remain fixed whenever possible – toggle “Static table” to ON.

Once all players are added, proceed forward to confirm the details of your event. If any adjustments are required, return to the associated configuration screen to make adjustments.

Step 4: Run your event

The tournament software will guide the organizer through the resolution of the tournament, automatically pairing players and keeping track of wins and losses. The standard round includes the following substeps:

  • Trigger the automatic pairing by clicking “Begin Pairing”. On the next screen, click “Advertise Pairings” to open a scrolling summary of players and tables, which can be displayed on a monitor connected to the software’s device.
  • Click “Start Round” to proceed to the match listing, and then “Star Round” again to trigger the round timer.
  • As matches resolve, select the winner. Dropped or disqualified players can also be accounted for throughout the duration of the event.
  • Click “Finalize Round” to proceed to the next round. This button will be disabled until results have been entered for all matches.

Step 5: Finish the tournament

Once all rounds are complete, the “Finalize Round” button will instead say “Finalize Tournament.” Organizers will be able to review the final results of the tournament, as well as the individual results from each match.

Bonus step: Return to in-progress tournament

Once a tournament has been created, its state is stored and accessible via the software’s Dashboard. Access this by clicking the menu button in the upper right and selecting “Dashboard” from the available options.

To resume a tournament, click the “Edit” button on the right side of that tournament’s entry. You will be taken to the screen on which the event left off.


The Tournament and Event Center (TEC) is considered a beta version of the software. We invite all tournament organizers to use the software alongside the official tournament regulations, and look forward to sharing exciting updates as we continue to expand the software.

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Event Documents

These important documents provide guidelines for running an event for Star Wars: Unlimited. Use them well!

Star Wars: Unlimited Tournament Regulations
Fantasy Flight Games Master Event Document