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Join legions of players and connect with the Star Wars™: Unlimited community through Organized Play! 

What is Organized Play?

Organized Play (OP) is a series of organized events in which multiple players come together to play the game. As a critical part of the lifeblood of Star Wars: Unlimited, the OP program invites players of all sorts—casual, competitive, newcomer, or veteran—to participate, make friends, and forge new memories.  

The three core aspects of Organized Play are Connect, Collect, and Compete. Connect represents the community aspect of OP, in which players get together to play the game, discuss the game, and just generally have a good time engaging with Star Wars: Unlimited. Collect represents the aspect of enhancing your card collection with awesome promo cards (featuring various aesthetic treatments) that can be obtained through any level of OP. Finally, Compete represents the competitive aspect of OP, in which players test their skills against one another in tournaments.

Whether you decide to engage in just one of the aspects or take part in all three, you are guaranteed to find a home somewhere within Star Wars: Unlimited OP! 

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Organized Play Structure

Left: Casual Play  |  Right: Competitive Play
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Casual Play

The Casual tier of Organized Play focuses more heavily on the community aspect (Connect). These events are all about trying out new ideas, helping each other learn and improve at the game, and having low-stakes fun. The vast majority of OP events take place in this tier, including Weekly Play events.  

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Competitive Play

The Competitive tier of Organized Play focuses, naturally, on the competitive aspect (Compete). These events are all about challenging your fellow players in fair and welcoming tournaments for the chance to win some awesome prizes. Do well enough, and you could even secure yourself an invitation to the Galactic Championship event! 

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Find an Event

Interested in participating in Organized Play? Use our official Store and Event Locators to find an event near you!

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