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The Power of the Dark Side

Star Wars™: Unlimited is a game for everyone. Since day one, our messaging about this game has always involved the three Cs: connect, collect, and compete. After the game’s launch, players all over the world have been connecting through local game nights, online discussions, and small-scale casual events. On the horizon, we have the launch of the Competitive-tier Organized Play scene, where players itching to sink their teeth into a proper tournament circuit can dive into Planetary Qualifiers for the first time. 

Today, we’d like to highlight a special opportunity for fans that lean more towards the collection aspect of the game: the 2024 Convention Exclusive product!

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This special, limited edition promo pack will only be available at five events in 2024: San Diego Comic Con, Gen Con, Spiel, PAX West, and PAX Unplugged. The pack will cost $100 and will be limited to one purchase per person per event, and it contains six promo cards with a brand-new, exclusive visual treatment that you won’t find anywhere else. 

As for the cards themselves, all six are unit cards featuring prominent wielders of the Dark Side of the Force. From Spark of Rebellion, we have the Count Dooku (2024 Convention Exclusive, 1), Darth Vader (2024 Convention Exclusive, 2), and Emperor Palpatine (2024 Convention Exclusive, 3) unit cards. From Shadows of the Galaxy, we have the Kylo Ren (2024 Convention Exclusive, 4) unit card. And…what’s this? There are a couple of units from the third set in here as well! That’s right, from Twilight of the Republic, we have the Asajj Ventress (2024 Convention Exclusive, 5) and Darth Maul (2024 Convention Exclusive, 6) unit cards, here in all their glory. While you won’t be able to use these two cards in Organized Play events until Twilight of the Republic’s official release, you can still look forward to adding them to your collection a few months early!

Each Convention Exclusive pack will contain a single copy of each of those six cards. For folks who are more concerned with gameplay than collectability, fear not; as with all of our other promo cards, the cards in the Convention Exclusive promo pack are purely aesthetic upgrades to existing cards from Star Wars: Unlimited’s first three sets. If you aren’t able to pick up one of these packs, you won’t be missing out on any unique gameplay elements or mechanics.

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Keep an eye out on our various channels for more information on how to acquire this limited-edition product. Look forward to adding the cards of the 2024 Convention Exclusive to your collection at San Diego Comic Con, Gen Con, Spiel, PAX West, and PAX Unplugged!

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