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Patch Notes: May 2024

Greetings, Star Wars™: Unlimited fans! 

As this game of unlimited possibilities continues to grow and evolve, the game’s official website will grow and evolve alongside it. Each month, we plan to release a list of “patch notes” to inform our users of the latest updates, changes, and improvements to the features of Some months will have more notes, some months will have less, but either way we will continue to bring you this information on a regular and reliable basis. 

In today’s patch notes, we have all the changes made to from February 16th through April 30th, 2024. Read on to see what updates were made and what new features you can look forward to on our website!

Card Database/My Collection/Build A Deck

  • Multi-select options have now been added to the card database filters menu.
  • The card database filters menu is now accessible at all times while scrolling through the card list.
  • The card list now shows the latest set first.
  • When sorting cards by rarity in list view, cards are now listed from most common to rarest instead of alphabetically.
  • Fixed issue with My Collection and Build A Deck not saving properly for non-English locales.

Store & Event Locator

  • Improved Store & Event Locator search form functionality.
  • Improved sorting functionality for Store & Event Locator search results.


Tune in next month to see what new updates were implemented to the website throughout the month of May. See you then!


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