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It’s time for another Star Wars™: Unlimited designer deck showcase! This week’s deck was provided by MJ Cutts. Read on to see what they have in store for us today!

Hera Command

This past year was my first time watching Star Wars Rebels™! Coming fresh off the show, I just had to make a Hera deck for y’all. This deck is a rainbow toolbox of Spectre cards thanks to Hera’s leader ability, hoping to combine the versatility of the Spectres with the power of special double-Command cards to back them up.

A big part of Star Wars™: Unlimited is knowing your matchups. Is your opponent going to be aggressive and go straight for the base? Or are they trying to play the long game and wait you out? Hera’s ability to bring all the Spectres together can help this deck play against a variety of opponents, drawing the cards needed to counter your foe and resourcing the cards meant for other situations. At its fastest, this deck can run small, high-power units like Chopper, Battlefield Marine, and Sabine Wren to hit the base hard and disrupt your opponent’s plans. At the other end of the spectrum, this deck can use the Energy Conversion Lab to get instant value out of board-stabilizing units like Zeb Orrelios and Kanan Jarrus.

A nice, important side-effect of any Spectres deck is that every Spectre unit is, of course, also a Rebel unit. Mon Mothma can therefore filter for more Spectre units to add to your hand (and her filtering helps this deck feel even more toolbox-y for different matchups). Fleet Lieutenant can help your Spectre units attack with an element of surprise and added power. Wing Leader can dump Experience tokens onto almost anything in the deck. The Spectres feeling integrated into the early rebellion in this deck is super exciting and on-theme.

Lastly, and speaking of on-theme, I just had to include some fun references to the show in the deck. Spoilers! Agent Kallusbeing in here was a no-brainer, but I went one step further and included Traitorous as well. With Traitorous I can convince tons of different enemy units to get converted by the charming Spectre family just like Kallus did. The more, the merrier!


More Designer Decks to Come

Tune in next week for another deck provided by the Star Wars: Unlimited designers! What new strategies will they unveil? We hope to see you all then!

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