Making a Scoundrel – The Han Solo Premium Format Figure

via SideShow

“I think you just can’t bear to let a gorgeous guy like me out of your sight”

Sideshow is proud to unveil a loving homage to one of the greatest characters in Sci-Fi cinema. The legendary Han Solo! Smuggler, criminal, freedom fighter, rebel, hero…whatever you choose to call him, Han Solo is a character that captured the hearts of fans and princesses alike.

Over the years, Han Solo and his trusty co-pilot Chewbacca out-flew and outsmarted the Empire at every turn. But a chance encounter with an old hermit, a farmer, and some wayward droids changed his life forever. Before long Han Solo was putting his life (and his beloved ship) on the line, rescuing a captured Galactic Senator and joining a desperate rebellion!

Making everyone’s favorite smuggler was no easy feat! With his roguish smile, world-weary attitude and cutting wit, Han Solo has an almost indefinable charm, and a powerful character that has to be really captured to bring a statue to life.

Project Manager, Mike Tolentino said:

“We all grew up loving Star Wars and we were morally obligated to our younger selves to make these statues as perfect as we could. It was harder then you could imagine capturing the cockiness and attitude for everyone’s favorite smuggler.”

Project Manager, Anthony Mestas added:

“It was pleasure to work with our friend Trevor Grove on bringing Han to life.  Trevor totally nails the subtle nuances that solidify Han’s character.  His uncanny ability to capture Harrison Ford’s likeness is a blessing!”

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