Star Wars – The Ultimate Vinyl Collection

Star Wars – The Ultimate Vinyl Collection via ThinkGeek

Original compositions can make or break a movie. Fortunately for us, we were blessed with these gems from John Williams. A movie score so good, you can replay the movie in your head associated with each song. You hear that Cantina Band start playing and you know Obi-Wan is about to slice an arm off. The amount of limbs lost in the series is also pretty iconic, actually – just not as iconic as the actual songs.

The ultimate collection spanning the original six episodes of Star Wars brings some of your favorite movie compositions to you pressed on to vinyl. The LPs are presented in a black, soft-touch laminated slipcase with an embossed, hot silver foil Star Wars logo. The soundtracks come in deluxe gatefold sleeves replicating the original artwork. Bonus points, this includes a digital download card for one complete box set.