Vanessa Marshall Talks Hera and Star Wars Rebels Season Three

The third season of Star Wars Rebels has offered significant changes for all the show’s characters, but Hera Syndulla has truly transformed in her leadership position. No longer just the head of the Ghost crew, she’s become important to all of Phoenix Squadron and the Rebellion as a whole. She’s also locked in a deadly game with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

We caught up over e-mail with the voice of our favorite Twi’lek, Vanessa Marshall, about how far Hera has come this season, how she thinks her character and Thrawn are similar, and what it was like seeing the Ghost at the Battle of Scarif. We’ve seen a different side of Hera this season, where she’s been much more focused on the mission than the personal lives of her crew. Asking Sabine to confront her family, for instance, or telling Ezra not to go to Tatooine. From your perspective, how has Hera changed in Season Three? Did that change after the situation with her Kalikori?

Vanessa Marshall: I think Hera certainly demands more from her crew in Season Three, however the circumstances call for it. She asks Sabine to confront her family in an effort to strengthen the rebel cause, likewise she begs Ezra to stay in order to give the rebels the best chance of success in the battle at hand. It’s all about strategy and playing chess with Thrawn. Hera will make whatever sacrifices are necessary and, clearly, she will ask the same of her crew.

Losing her Kalikori only fortified her resolve to outsmart Thrawn at his own game. Hera was ultimately emboldened by this tragic loss, as it served to strengthen her loving bond with her chosen family — the Ghost crew

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