New Excerpt from ‘Star Wars Thrawn’ Released

British-based newspaper Daily Express  has released an excerpt from the opening chapter of the upcoming novel, Star Wars Thrawn.
You can read a brief passage from the first chapter below. 
After all the trouble the castaway had created on the planet surface, Eli had expected him to put up a terrific fight against his captors. To his surprise, he apparently surrendered to the stormtroopers without any resistance at all.
Perhaps he was taken by surprise. More likely, he knew when resistance was futile.
At least Eli understood now why Parck wanted him along. The prisoner’s cargo crates were labeled with a Sy Bisti variant. If he spoke the language itself—and if it was the only language he spoke—the Imperials would need a translator.
The group was halfway to the hatchway where Parck, Barris, Eli, and their stormtrooper escort waited when the hangar bay lights came back up.
You can read the rest of the excerpt by visiting the Daily Express website.
Star Wars Thrawn will be available on April 6 2017.

Source: Daily Express