Ranking All of Marvel’s Star Wars Comics

We love comics and we love Star Wars…put the two together and what do you get? How about all of Marvels Star Wars Comics ranked…..

Via iO9.com:

It’s been two years since Marvel regained the rights to make Star Wars comics, and since then the publisher has released a ton of comics, both ongoing and miniseries. Want some recommendations on what’s out there? We’ve ranked them all, from the must-reads to the ones you should avoid like they were old Jar Jar Binks.

[A note going in: There’s a brand new Darth Maul comic but since only a single issue has been released, I’m not including it. The first issue is pretty intriguing, though, so if you like Maul, check it out! Also excluded are two one-shot comics: Vader Down, a solo tie-in to an event in the Darth Vader and Star Wars series (although it was very good), and C-3PO, which told the story of how the droid got his red arm in The Force Awakens (it was weirdly okay!).

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