Marvel Announces ‘Color Your Own Star Wars: Darth Vader’ Adult Coloring Book

Marvel has announced the latest addition to its series of adult coloring books with the  upcoming release of Color Your Own Star Wars: Darth Vader.  Consisting of 60 pages with the artwork coming directly from the recent Darth Vader comic book series,  Color Your Own Star Wars: Darth Vader will hit stores in September.

Below is the solicitation from Marvel.


Wield your pencils, markers or crayons like a lightsaber and bring life to the world of one of the greatest villains of all — Darth Vader! For the Dark Lord is rendered here in 60 pages of crisp black and white, and he ?nds the lack of color disturbing! Vader is waiting for you to add the shades to the legendary struggle between the Empire and the rebels — and he’s brought along more Star Wars bad guys, like Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt and the all-new rogues: Dr. Aphra, BeeTee, Triple-Zero and Black Krrsantan! Feel the power of the dark side, and go to town with your charcoals — or bring out the Sith Lord’s rarely seen lighter side with pastels! Use the Force, or press lightly! But whatever you do, join Vader, and together you can rule this coloring book!