Read ‘Scorched’, A Tie-In to ‘Star Wars: Bloodline’ for Free

via Star is offering up a free short story, Scorched, written by Delilah S. Dawson that ties into Claudia Gray’s Star Wars: Bloodline novel. Scorched, set before Bloodline follows pilot Greer Sonnel as she enters a legendary race — which, if she survives, may change her life.


The moment Greer Sonnel finished chugging her drink, she knew something was wrong. Normally, she savored the scorching rush as it burned down her throat, hitting her belly like a bomb and practically smoking out her nose. To any pilot from Pamarthe, there was no better augury of triumph than an empty cup of Port in the Storm. But this time, the heat ripped into her head and touched down behind her eyes like a tornado, scrambling her thoughts and making her dizzy as her empty cup hit the bar.

Not again, she thought. Not today.

Surrounded by dozens of pilots who’d love to take her down, her grin didn’t waver. She wouldn’t show weakness. Not now, not ever.

As the other three clay cups slammed down on the rough wood, Greer held up her empty one. “To the Gauntlet. If it’s not me that wins, I hope it’s one of you bastards.”

“To we, the pilots of Pamarthe!” Torret shouted, clinking his cup to hers.

“To the bloody stone of Corellia. May we never taste it!” Bors growled.

“To the losers!” Vee crowed. “Which is everybody but us.”

Her three fellow Pamarthens were talented competitors, and Greer could honestly say she hoped none of them died today. The Gauntlet was a mysterious and dangerous race sponsored by Han Solo himself, and everyone knew it was the chum pit from which elite young pilots were chosen to add to teams for the Five Sabers. That had been Greer’s dream, ever since her parents had told her tales of flying for the rebels: to race in the Five Sabers and make them proud. With no war to fight, the fierce and restless children of Pamarthe had to be the best at something, and it might as well be the something with the biggest purse and the most reknown.

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