New Star Wars Comic The Screaming Citadel Kicks Off in May



Han and Chewie. C-3PO and R2-D2. Rey and Finn. Star Wars is filled with great duos, and an upcoming Marvel event is going to give us a new, if very, very unlikely one: Luke Skywalker and…Doctor Aphra? and The Star Wars Show are excited to reveal Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel, a five-issue crossover that finds Luke reluctantly teaming with the shady-but-cool archaeologist to investigate the Screaming Citadel, an infamous castle located on the edge of space. It kicks off in May with the Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel one-shot by Kieron Gillen and artist Marco Checchetto, then continues in Jason Aaron’s Star Wars #31, Gillen’s Doctor Aphra #7, and on. spoke with Gillen and Aaron to find out more, including who else will show up, how they’ll take Star Wars into gothic-horror territory, and how The Screaming Citadel, much like 2015’s Vader Down crossover, will have a great impact on all characters involved. What can you tell us about the story?

Jason Aaron: It spins out of Kieron’s Doctor Aphra series. The previous crossover series we did, Vader Down, kind of took my Star Wars book and Kieron’s Darth Vader book and slammed the casts together, and grew out of Vader’s quest to get his hands on Luke. This one is the same thing, it’s Kieron and I coming up with it together. This one’s probably more his, more from what he’s been setting up in Doctor Aphra. It’s really trying to do something like Vader Down. Mix our casts up, this time mixing them up in very different ways than what we did the previous time, and playing with some very different settings and tropes. This is very much a Star Wars gothic-horror story.

It starts with Aphra and Luke together, which is a pairing we didn’t really see at all in Vader Down, and that really drives this story. That’s probably been the most fun part for me, so far — reading what Kieron did with those two characters together and then carrying on from that. It starts with them venturing into a very dark and scary situation on a faraway alien planet and winding up in the clutches of a sinister alien queen. There’s symbiotes involved. There are Aphra’s two murderous droids and best-friend Wookiee, and then, of course, the cast of my book. Han and Leia and Sana Starros come running into the fray, as well, and there are several new villains who are at play.

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