Star Wars Desktop Accent Lamp – Exclusive (R2D2)

Exclusive R2D2 Desktop Accent Lamp via


You know what we really need? Minions. And we don’t mean those little yellow Twinkies who say “Banana.” Someone to go about doing our business for us. Someone who thinks about our needs before we even have them. For instance, if we were deep in a novel, and while we were reading the real world had grown dark around us, we would like a minion to have a light source at the ready for us. And, coincidentally, these Star Wars Desktop Accent Lamps do. Choose your flavor of minion (droid – BB-8, C-3PO, or R2-D2) or imperial cannon fodder (Stormtrooper). Each of these lamps has a convenient in-line switch and lights up at your behest. Provided you put a bulb in. Get one for your desk. Get many for all the places you need light.